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Teddy Afro – an Ethiopian experience?

Thursday night – Christmas Day – was the night of the long-awaited Teddy Afro concert in the grounds of the Ghion Hotel. I went with a bunch of people from the Embassy. There were big crowds. To explain … Teddy Afro is very popular in Ethiopia (Addis?) in part because of his music and in part because at the time of the last elections he released some songs that became the focus of anti-government and pro-democracy sentiment.

Spot the Teddy?
Spot the Teddy?

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Country bumpkin monster doves

Work has begun to get busy this week, after last week’s easing in to things. Lots of interesting stuff. Other than work … thursday night I went out with a couple of folks from DFID and the Foreign Office in London, for some Lebanese food and then friday night went out with the bloke from DFID. He used to live in Ethiopia in the earlyish 1980s, at the time of the Derg, so was excited to be here. Continue reading

Addis with rose-tinted lenses

This video could have been produced by the Addis Ababa tourist board Рin fact it might have been. It only shows one side of Addis, and Addis is clearly not representative of the reality of life in much of Ethiopia. But it does provide some balance to the nearly always negative views that one gets of Africa and Ethiopia in the UK. And, some of my readers РOK, only my mum and dad Рmight be interested to see some views of Addis.