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Opening Governance to Accelerate Poverty Reduction (What I’m doing at ONE)

ONE’s new Transparency and Accountability Policy Team has a full agenda, spearheading the organisation’s efforts to push for more open, transparent and accountable governance in order to accelerate progress on poverty reduction. Ultimately, our aim is to drive progress towards … Continue reading

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Aid Effectiveness – Key pre-Busan readings

Essential reading 1)      ONE’s Policy Pitch (contact me)   2)      UK Aid Network HLF-IV update (October) available here   3)      3rd Draft of the Busan Outcome Document available here   4)      ONE’s comments on the 3rd draft of the Busan … Continue reading

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My Ph.D. – Globalization, regulation and geography

Due to popular demand, I’m putting my Ph.D. on-line. It was about the relationship between globalization and sovereignty, using tax havens/offshore – a pivotal space in the process of globalization – as the lens to understand that relationship. I completed … Continue reading

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Tax havens, globalisation and sovereignty

Given the increased interested in tax havens and tax justice, I’ve decided to put the publications that came out of my Ph.D. on tax havens on-line. I wish now, as I wished then, that I’d taken more of a “what … Continue reading

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Status Update: ONE small step for man …

I am currently working for ONE as their Policy Director for Transparency & Accountability. Click here for more information about me, my skills and experience. Drop me a line at or follow me on twitter @alanhudson1 NB: This blog and my tweets reflect my … Continue reading

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Governance and Aid Effectiveness: Towards Busan

Donors are keen to play their part in improving governance in developing countries and see the inclusion of governance on the aid effectiveness agenda as an important entry point in this regard. But the role that donors can play in directly … Continue reading

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Development 3.0: Disempowering donors?

What role should donors play in helping to improve governance and domestic accountability in developing countries? My starting point in addressing this issue is that accountability in developing countries – as elsewhere – is very important for reasons of effectiveness/learning and fairness/justice and … Continue reading

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Governance: Complexity, emergence and measurement

I’ve now been working in DFID’s Policy Division for nearly six months. It has been what one calls an interesting experience … Being in Policy Division has stimulated my thinking in recent weeks about a couple of things. First, about what donors … Continue reading

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Donors refusing to face the reality?

The Donors’ report produced in response to allegations of aid in Ethiopia being allocated according to political affiliation rather than need was published in early August, peak holiday time for many. As such, it’s perhaps not surprising that there has been … Continue reading

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Aid and Accountabilities in Ethiopia

In late 2009, the Development Assistance Group (DAG) – a group of 26 donors in Ethiopia – decided to conduct a review of the systems and safeguards that are in place in a number of donor-supported development programmes, and that … Continue reading

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