AdaptDev & OpenGov (July-Aug 2020)

  1. Africa CDC, ARC launch COVID-19 modelling tool for Africa – Africa CDC
  2. Democratizing Innovation by Dani Rodrik – Project Syndicate
  3. Scream If You Want to Go Faster! Why Government Technology Needs (Much) Better Governance | by Rachel Coldicutt | The Startup | Aug, 2020 | Medium
  4. The evolution of a front-line led anti-kleptocracy strategy in Central Africa – Global Integrity
  5. (17) Farewell DFID … a personal obituary | LinkedIn
  6. The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) merger and the future of adaptive programming – From Poverty to Power
  7. What are the right roles for international NGOs? | Results for Development
  8. Applications of predictive modelling early in the COVID-19 epidemic – The Lancet Digital Health
  9. Twenty years with anti-corruption. Part 9
  10. WB – Coming together while staying apart
  11. How to Fund Nonprofit Mergers and Partnerships
  12. 9 crappy paradoxes that shape nonprofit and philanthropy – Nonprofit AF
  13. How we’re getting there – putting strategy into practice | The Engine Room
  14. Defining Theory of Change for Measurement and Evaluation
  15. How the pandemic might play out in 2021 and beyond
  16. The COVID-19 Accountability Emergency | International Budget Partnership
  17. World Bank Knows of Many More African Covid-19 Contracts Than It Discloses · Eye on Global Transparency
  18. Combating Corruption as a community: Lessons from applying global data norms to government dynamics – Global Integrity
  19. Where we’re headed – proudly presenting The Engine Room’s new strategy! | The Engine Room
  20. IREX announces new strategy to build a more just, prosperous, inclusive world | IREX
  21. WFD – Democratic Governance UK
  22. IMF COVID-19 Anti-Corruption Tracker –
  23. ACE: Exploring New Ways to develop effective anti-corruption interventions – Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence
  24. There’s No Panacea for Corruption. So We Can All Stop Pointing That Out. | GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog
  25. Covid has put Governance at the heart of debates on Development, but how has it changed the questions we ask? – From Poverty to Power
  26. When Innovation Goes Wrong
  27. Here’s why AI didn’t save us from COVID-19
  28. The SA Covid-19 Modelling team | Modelling a pandemic on scarce data and unknowns | News24
  29. Making Trillion Dollar Stimulus and Safety Nets Work for All: The Essential Steps We Can Take Now
  30. So you’ve declared that Black Lives Matter. Now what? – The Management Center
  31. APTC and the pandemic – Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre
  32. When Peers Work Together to Drive Social Change
  33. Announcing the Community Independence Initiative: A Powerful Collaboration Between Mauricio Miller, Executive Director of CII and Root Change – Root Change
  34. Why some anti-corruption campaigns make people more likely to pay a bribe
  35. Five ways to ensure that models serve society: a manifesto
  36. Science Will Not Come on a White Horse With a Solution | The Nation
  37. How has Corruption driven China’s Rise? Yuen Yuen Ang discusses her new book – From Poverty to Power
  38. ONE – Covid-19 resource transparency
  39. Not Fit-for-Purpose – MSI Integrity
  40. The trade-off between economic and health outcomes of the COVID-19 epidemic | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
  41. Tisne – Data Delusion
  42. Thinking and Working Politically in the Times of COVID-19: Recognizing and Capturing Opportunities | USAID Learning Lab
  43. Thinking and Working Politically in the Times of COVID-19: Recognizing and Capturing Opportunities | USAID Learning Lab
  44. Experts Call for Clear New COVID-19 Pandemic Modeling Rules
  45. ‘We’re Still Open:’ Balancing government transparency and accountability with effective crisis response | Pact
  46. Wagner – Advice, money, results
  47. Collaboration between Supreme Audit Institutions and Citizens is Critical in Ensuring Accountability and Transparency of Government’s Response to COVID-19
  48. Grant Makers Can Improve Government Effectiveness in the Covid-19 Era (Opinion) – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  49. Where is the Aid Biz making progress on Localization? – From Poverty to Power
  50. Corruption has modernized, so should anticorruption initiatives
  51. What the pandemic reveals about governance, state capture, and natural resources
  52. Covid-19 Economic Recovery Requires More Transparent Governments – Bloomberg
  53. Don’t ask if artificial intelligence is good or fair, ask how it shifts power
  54. The Results Data Initiative Has Ended, But We’re Still Learning From It | Development Gateway
  55. Following on from our recent blog post on the principles that can underpin a new approach to… | by Collaborate CIC | Jul, 2020 | Collaborate
  56. Public accountability and COVID-19: Keeping a systems lens amidst uncertainty and adaptation | Politics, Governance and Development
  57. Q&A with Leticia Corona: Learning with funders about diversity, equity, and inclusion in international grantmaking
  58. Q&A with Leticia Corona: Learning with funders about diversity, equity, and inclusion in international grantmaking
  59. Locally-led aid in the time of corona: throwing away the remote control
  60. Going Local 2.0: How to Reform Development Agencies to Make Localized Aid More Than Talk
  61. Why adaptive management will not save us: Exploring management directives’ interaction with practice – Gutheil – 2020 – Public Administration and Development – Wiley Online Library
  62. Fragile states and the search for ‘what works’
  63. Regaining U.S. Global Leadership on Anticorruption – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  64. Oil, gas, and mining corruption: Is it inevitable?
  65. Amid the Pandemic, a Perfect Storm Challenges Anticorruption and Natural Resource Governance | Natural Resource Governance Institute
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