Brain drains, brain gains and economists

Provoked or stimulated by a piece on migration on  Owen Barder’s blog, referencing a piece on the AidWatchers blog, I’ve stuck my oar in. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.


Challenging the borders-up mentality prevalent in many developed countries certainly gets my vote (although the benefits of immigration in the rich world do tend to go to rich people, which complicates matters). And it’s good to question the conventional wisdom that the out-migration of skilled people is always bad for developing countries. But …. Continue reading

Less talk, more action – UK party politics and international development

As a follow up to the debate between Owen Barder and Kevin Watkins about development, party politics and the Conservative Party’s Green Paper on international development, readers might be interested in supporting the ONE campaign’s efforts to get the three main UK political parties to go on the record about their policies on tackling global poverty.

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