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Elections, accountabilities and home

My time in Addis is coming to an end. My replacement – Ahmed – has already started. Employing me was always only a temporary measure, which makes sense. I’ve had a great time. I’ve learned a lot and have been … Continue reading

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The Corner House – persistently fighting corruption

As a PS to my tanzania-related rant, I thought I should big up the Corner House. Their persistence in pursuing British Aerospace and its networks of corruption is inspirational. Great work!

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Less talk, more action – UK party politics and international development

As a follow up to the debate between Owen Barder and Kevin Watkins about development, party politics and the Conservative Party’s Green Paper on international development, readers might be interested in supporting the ONE campaign’s efforts to get the three … Continue reading

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Manufacturing consensus?

Interesting post on Owen Barder’s web-site about “protecting development from party politics“.  I’ve stuck my oar in, with appropriate caution! Owen is a fellow (if longer term) resident of Addis and his blog is well worth a read. More vocal … Continue reading

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