Not-Bob: Ethiopia on the BBC

I’m not going to comment on the recent stories about the possible diversion of aid to Ethiopia in the 1980s to buy arms, but readers might want to have a listen to three recent pieces about the country, and the UK’s aid relationship with the country, on the BBC’s World Tonight over the last couple of weeks.


First, a piece from 24th February examining why Ethiopia still needs large quantities of aid to prevent regular famines. This piece is 8 minutes into the programme and includes an interview with the DFID Minister Gareth Thomas.

Second, a piece from 25th February examining the issue of land-leasing in Ethiopia. This piece is 33 minutes into the programme.

Third, a piece from 26th February examining Ethiopia’s record on human rights and democracy. This piece is 32 minutes into the programme and includes an interview with the Head of DFID Ethiopia, Howard Taylor – my boss’s boss and Berhanu Kebede, the Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK.

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